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As you know we are a small family business, and just like any other parent we are so concerned about taking care of the planet where our children and future generations will grow up.

We want to give them the same opportunity we had to enjoy it as much as possible!

Today we are responsible for making smart decisions and good choices to generate the minimum impact on the environment, hoping that tomorrow they will have a beautiful world to explore and discover on their own.

Garment manufacture is a complex industry with a big impact in the planet, from the raw material extraction, preparation, production, global transport, retail and even the product use, each part of the cycle contributes to the environmental damage.

Around 85% of all textiles produced in the fashion industry end up in landfills, and one in every five garments reaches a landfill without being worn even once!

What are we doing?

Therefore, at Pantuca Birdie we have decided to carefully choose our partners, making sure they share our vision for a greener and better future, acting every day in an active and effective way to make it happen.

Did you know that one recycled polyester t-shirt saves at least 4 plastic bottles from ending up in a landfill, or worse?

Well, that’s why most of our products are made from eco-friendly materials, like organic cotton or recycled polyester, as well as organic and recycled fabric blends.

These materials have been strictly tested to ensure that our high-quality products last through many washes, keeping print colors vibrant and the fabric soft.

Made on demand vs mass-production clothing.

Traditional industry manufacture products in bulk to save money, but unsold stock is usually thrown out or burned, millions of tons of textile are waisted each year by fashion retailers!

In our case all our products are made to order, each product is made-on-demand when we receive your order for it, this way we avoid textile waste related to mass-produced clothing and let us create your quality one-of-a-kind piece!

Another good practice comes from reducing fabric waste, we use the scraps to create scrunchies and headbands instead of just letting them go to waste.

Yoga Bear Headband
Yoga Bear Scrunchie

One thing we love about our production partners is their high-quality printing technology. Their efficient production processes create almost no wastewaters and uses less energy than standard industry printers.

What about packaging and shipping?

All apparel products are packed in post-consumer recycled plastic (PCR), which is made from everyday items, like used plastic bags and bottles. This material protects your order just as well as regular plastic bags, however, choosing PCR over first-use plastics reduces the environmental impact plastic has on our planet

Regarding the shipping process, the worldwide strategically located fulfillment centers allow faster and efficient shipping and helps with reducing the CO2 emissions produced when transporting orders.

We all have a role to play in this global effort.

These are small, but significant steps! Yes, we are a small company, but success is achieved one step at the time by those with the courage to take them, we all need to get into action to make a difference at the end.

We are trying our best to make this world a better place for all of us and for those to come. If you share our vision for the future and you are actively doing something for the planet too, even the simplest thing, then we are glad to count you as part of the Pantuca Birdie family!

With Pantuca Birdie you don’t just look good, you also feel good!


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