Howdy! This is Pantuca Birdie, y’all!

A small family business with big hopes and bigger dreams!

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Here’s our story!!

Welcome to Pantuca Birdie! We’re glad you’re here!

Starting as a family owned-small business in Houston, Texas, we have BIG dreams and hopes.

“Pantuca Birdie” has an incredibly significant story for us as the two words are the first ones said by our children. Our older son used to say “Pantuca”, but we never knew what that meant. Our younger one used to say “Birdie”, each time he spotted a cheerful red cardinal in our garden.

It is said that the sighting of this type of birds is a sign of safety, good luck and a spiritual message of hope and joy. Therefore, the combination of these two lovely memories and our passion for remarkable designs that allow customers to fully express their feelings and emotions, is what created “Pantuca Birdie”.

Our Collections.

Our collections span timeless interests, seasonal favorites, and current events. Creations for your soul! We understand shopping and buying online sometimes can be daunting, so here at Pantuca Birdie, we provide our customers with nothing but the highest quality to meet their needs and keep them satisfied!

With a motivated team of a mom and dad, we strive to be the creative minds that bring a smile to your face and a voice to your soul.

Thank you for choosing Pantuca Birdie!


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